CAROLINA BLUE LIVE 4pm - May 6th On Goin' Across The Mountain With Host Joe Greene (AIR STUDIO)

May 2, 2017

Carolina Blue
Credit Vicki Dameron

Music Host Joe Greene says he'll be featuring great bluegrass Saturday and he'll also play host to some very special guest musicians. "During the 4pm hour, Carolina Blue will be live in the studio with me to talk about and to premiere songs from their upcoming new album "Sounds of Kentucky Grass," said Greene. "The album is not available yet, even to radio stations, so this will be a "world premiere" of these songs from their new project. You'll remember that this is the band who wowed the crowd at GATM Live back in January." They hail from Transylvania County here in NC. Goin' Across The Mountain, Saturday afternoon, in the four o'clock hour with Host Joe "The Guvna" Greene.