Artist Rob Hibbitts Wins The WNCW 30th Anniversary Logo Contest

Jul 3, 2019

For years, Rob Hibbitts sent in his WNCW donations in envelopes that always featured colorful drawings of nature - mountains, creeks, flora and fauna. This week, he won the top vote for "Best WNCW 30th Anniversary Logo" in a contest we held in May and June 2019.

We called upon 20 different judges to help choose their favorite logo, and nine of them chose Hibbitts' vibrant graphic as their number one choice out of 28 submissions. Many judges included his work in their second and third choices.

Hibitts, who was born and raised in Tennessee, now lives in Thomasville, NC and spends lots of time in Asheville and Madison County, NC. It was his love of the terrain, the beginning of a new day, and the faithfulness of WNCW fans that inspired his drawing.

"It always humbles me when I see the sun come up over the mountains in the morning and I know I've made it another day," said Hibbitts. "Listening to the radio station is a humbling experience too, knowing how many people have always supported it, over the years, the way they do."

True that Mr. Hibbitts! WNCW has been listener-supported since 1989 when staffers first opened up the mic and went LIVE on Friday, October 13 in Spindale, NC on the campus of Isothermal Community College.

When Hibbits found out he won first place, he said the recognition was greatly appreciated.

"I'm a laid back kind of guy," said Hibbitts. "I don't easily get excited, but I'm really excited about this!"

Staff members and volunteers agreed the logo was a good match for our 30th Anniversary celebration.

"It has the grassroots look and feel that I believe represents WNCW best," said WNCW Music Director Martin Anderson.

"I think it captures the spirit of the station," said WNCW Volunteer Angie Milliken. "It's upbeat... love the sun's rays. It represents the area and the Blue Ridge Mountains; the "30  Years" is prominent, not lost in the design, and the station's call letters are also highly visible. It looks amazing!"

WNCW received lots of great submissions for the contest and a big thank you goes out to all of the folks who took the time to send us beautiful logos.

"It was obvious that there was hard work involved with some real creativity in the submissions," said Goin' Across The Mountain and Music Mix Host Joe Greene. "It's clear people love the station. There were some very impressive logos submitted to us."

We placed a blue background on Hibbitts' logo to show you what it will look like on a t-shirt. We are still choosing the shirt color... we thought this bright blue might be nice. The shirt, with Hibitts' design, will be available during Fall Fundraiser 2019.

A beautiful guitar design by Brian Hastings came in second place. There was a three way tie for third place between Karl Rohrbough's colorful "Purple Mountains and Rainbow" logo, Greer Gunby's unique "Window To The World" logo and Steve Long's  "Eclectic and Electric" homage to our old lightning bolt design.

Honorable Mentions go to logos created by Mark David Susko, Lauren Wasmund, Bethany Harper, Craig Bannerman, Steve Smith, and Drew Patterson.

Again, a big thank you goes out to all who participated. We truly are listener-supported in so very many different ways.