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Amy Ammons Garza: "Feed Sack Clothes"

Amy Ammons Garza is a storyteller who tells tales of growing up in the North Carolina Mountains. As a child, she sat at the foot of her grandfather and listened to tales of how her ancestors, seven generations past, were a part of those who traveled to Western NC and settled in the isolated mountains. His stories intrigued her, and so she stored them away until she grew up and began to write about them. Now she has eleven books, three of which are a trilogy of her family's heritage. “All the stories are based on the experiences of our family," says Amy. “Grandpa said we are all carriers of our heritage. My goal is to instill in my audience the knowledge that we are all different, yet wonderful in our own way.
The Ammons Sisters Storytellers/Artist (

John started as a volunteer radio announcer in the spring of 1995, spinning vinyl and a brand new media, the Compact-Disc. He recalls, “In those days we had, reel-to-reel recorded programs, and guests crowding around the one mic to perform live - all bundled up into a 2 hour live old-time radio show." Now This Old Porch is three hours of top notch programming with up-to-date technology.