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Harold Wayne Turner: "Drive The Coon Dog"

Harold Wayne Turner is from Pickens, S.C. As a child, he spent much of his time as an apprentice in his father’s woodworking shop. His father, James “ Carolina ” Turner shared cotton mill tales and stories about the war. Wayne took the skills he learned from his father and became an accomplished luthier; a renowned instrument maker. He received the prestigious Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage Award in 2010.

Drive the Coon Dog is one of his dad’s old-time mill stories. It beckons to the day when a man was measured by the dog he owned.

John started as a volunteer radio announcer in the spring of 1995, spinning vinyl and a brand new media, the Compact-Disc. He recalls, “In those days we had, reel-to-reel recorded programs, and guests crowding around the one mic to perform live - all bundled up into a 2 hour live old-time radio show." Now This Old Porch is three hours of top notch programming with up-to-date technology.