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Vixi Jil Glenn – "Enchanted"

Vixi Jil Glenn is a storyteller native to WNC. Her love for all things Appalachian has evolved into a passion for the old-timey Jack Tales as told by the Ray Hicks’ family from Banner Elk, NC. Vixi enjoys telling ancient faerie tales as well as sharing her own style of original rhyming faerie tales. She often reminds people that she is friends with faeries, elves, leprechauns, and all sorts of little people. This story, "Enchanted" is a story poem about a little girl visiting the land of the wee people.

Called out at night by the light of the moon,
Away from my warm soft bed in my room.
Out of the window my spirit does flee,
Away from my body as sleeping as me.

Up over the horizon and off to the east,
Faeries singing and dancing, a faeries food feast.
Come in beloved women and join us in song,
It’s lovely to see you; it’s been oh so long…