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What's in a Name? Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz Begin Their New Chapter as Watchhouse

Brenda Craig
(L to R) Clint Mullican, Josh Oliver, Sean Rubin, Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz in WNCW’s Studio B
Watchhouse's Self-Titled Album

Someday, as the song says, the sun’s gonna shine on your backdoor. For us, an unexpected and most welcome ray of sunshine came when we got word that the band Watchhouse wanted to play a live session on WNCW and they went all in with a request for another, separate interview for this podcast. Having just minted their new handle, husband and wife Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz were only recently getting back into circulation with live shows, playing a fresh collection of songs to boot (from a serendipitous new album at that, as you will hear). Oh my yes, we said. A longtime favorite North Carolina band that wants to come to our place and play? And we don’t have to pay for this? Sign us up!

Andrew and Emily talk about their new album and making music the most honest way they know how, the Venn diagram of Watchhouse music which overlaps with both The Stanley Brothers and Pantera, how they have yet to cross the event horizon that could pull them into Nashville, and much more. We spoke at their session recorded at WNCW which was engineered and recorded by Studio B engineer Sean Rubin, and included are excerpts from that performance which includes their bandmates Josh Oliver and Clint Mullican.

Songs heard in this episode:

“Better Way” by Watchhouse from Watchhouse, excerpt

“Better Way” by Watchhouse, live on WNCW, excerpt

“New Star” by Watchhouse, live on WNCW, excerpt

“Upside Down” by Watchhouse, live on WNCW

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