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"Learning To Respect My Strut - My Journey As A Woman Warrior"

Learning To Respect My Strut

When it comes to higher education, Karen Taylor is an established teacher in the study of English. She also has a way with words, speaks her mind, and often makes you laugh out loud. All that makes perfect sense as to why the educator at Isothermal Community College, just released a book called Learning To Respect My Strut: My Journey As A Woman Warrior. Don't ever overlook the deep strength of a woman.
This interview originally aired January 12, 2024.

Paul is a broadcasting and public relations veteran, having worked mostly in radio as well as television, news, marketing and higher education. His radio experience includes writing and reporting news, announcing both music and talk shows, management and sports play-by-play. He fully believe all types of music have the freedom and opportunity to be played and heard. Paul is a native of the region.