Vicki Dameron

Business and Development Specialist

Vicki was born with a radio antenna attached to her head, so it’s no surprise she’s been working in the field of broadcasting most of her life. She began her career at Palm Beach Junior College studying Mass Communication in the early 1980’s. She performed her first internship as a photography assistant at the college’s news bureau and also wrote for the college newspaper.

In the mid 1980’s she continued to dabble in photojournalism, sold real estate and owned a construction company. It was hot in south Florida and it was beginning to get very crowded. She wanted a change.

In 1989 the mountains began calling. She answered because the signal was strong and she WAS born with an antenna attached to her head. She moved to Spindale, NC, enrolled at Isothermal Community College and began working as a news producer/host at WNCW in 1991. She was Vicki Morgan in those days.

Vicki met her husband Penn Dameron, a WNCW underwriter, at a station event. They’ve been enjoying life together for 20 years and live in Rutherford County, NC.

In 1995, Vicki began working as a photojournalist and a television anchor. In 2000 she started a photography business and in 2002 she began teaching broadcasting. She happily continued with both of these professions for more than 15 years, and then her antenna started signaling again.

“I’ve always loved and listened to WNCW,” said Dameron. “I started to feel a strong pull toward the station in 2015. I contacted WNCW’s Joe Kendrick. He suggested I start volunteering - I did and I fell in love with the current staff. "I was hired to be a full time staff member in November, 2016.  I’m honored to be working at the best station in the nation once again, 21 years later. It’s been an incredible journey. I look forward to working with all of the fine folks at WNCW.” 


Ways to Connect

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WNCW Car Visor and Vintage Goodie Bag
Photo by Vicki Dameron

August 23rd - Thursday Only

Be cool AND keep your car cool while representing your favorite grassroots radio station, WNCW. We’re offering our fabulous WNCW Car Visor, along with an amazing bag of bonus vintage goodies, in a one day only, hot fun in the summertime blitz.

Fans of WNCW 88.7 FM call the listener supported public radio station “the best in the nation” for a reason. It offers in-depth news, a wide variety of music and great thank you gifts during fundraising time, which happens in the Spring and Fall each year. This year, the theme for thanks comes in the form of outstanding outdoor opportunities.