Eddie B Stokes

Music Host

Eddie B Stokes grew up in Charlotte in a home filled with music: hymns, big band albums, and an endless stack of rock & soul 45s. With the release of “Will the Circle be Unbroken”, he instantly became a devoted bluegrass fan and banjo picker. This led to starting a series of bluegrass bands: “Morning Sky” in the 80’s, “Heartwood” in the 90’s, and currently, “StringBound”.

In 1986, he moved to New York, where he earned a PhD in Physics and worked at the GE Research Lab in Schenectady, the birthplace of radio. In 2002, a teaching job brought him home to North Carolina, where he soon found out about WNCW; “You gotta hear this amazing radio station...”, his old friends told him. Eddie is active in the Audio Engineering Society, an avid record collector, a project recording studio operator, and a curious dabbler in musical electronica.

In 2015, Eddie B joined the WNCW family as a volunteer host of ARC Overnight, where you can still catch him occasionally. More often these days, he hosts the second half of “Goin’ Across the Mountain” on Saturday afternoons, where he enjoys spinning great bluegrass and talking with listeners about the artists and songs.

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