Asheville-Buncombe Christian Ministries has received a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor to participate in a scientific study of a program to help impoverished young people rise out of poverty and increase their opportunities for a successful future. The program is called, "Our Circle" and has been offered at ABCCM for about a year. With this study, the program could become a framework for similar programs across the country. Find out more at

The North Carolina Green Travel Initiative
Green Travel is a relatively new concept; but a growing number of environmentally-minded travelers are looking for destinations where sustainable practices are in effect in hotels, restaurants, parks, and other attractions.
NC Green Travel is a new initiative to help businesses across the state that are environmentally-friendly get attention as a sustainable business. Find out how it's done and what you need to do to get on the list. Find out more at

WNCW's is offering a new cadet cap in three different styles.  Contribute $60 to support listener-powered radio and choose from the WNCW-FM, Frank on Friday, and Goin' Across the Mountain hats.  You can also choose to receive the WNCW visor as your thank you gift when you pledge $52 to support WNCW.  Click here to see all the thank you gifts WNCW has to offer.

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This weekend at Asheville's BeBe Theatre, it's the Men's Dance Festival. March 24th through March 26th this festival keeps the toes tappin' with a wide variety of dancers, lots of styles and plenty of humor. It is rare for a dance festival to feature male dancers only. But this festival seems to feel right at home in Asheville according to Giles Collard, the festival's founder. Tickets and details can be found at

Tune in at 1pm for a live interview with Thomas Dolby.  The Thomas Dolby Time Capsule Tour will be coming to Greenville, SC at the Handlebar tonight.

The Polk County campus of Isothermal Community College is offering a new program in Therapeutic Massage this spring.  Therapeutic massage has become an important tool in the arsenal of healthcare practitioners and can be an important of any patient's health and welfare. Betsy Cuthbertson, Nurse Aide and Allied Health Programs Coordinator, and Melinda Kirby, Massage Therapist and Coordinator of the new program will discuss this new program and the economic advantages it offers for those who may be interested in massage therapy as a career.

Where do soap opera fans go when all of their favorite daytime soaps have been or will be canceled? To the Internet, of course! Asheville resident Marcello LanFranchi has written and produced an internet soap called "Tomorrow Waits For No One" and it has all of the things you would expect to find in a soap opera. Set in the fictional Silicon Valley town of Santa Lorena, this locally produced video drama will be coming to the Ethernet soon. Check it out at

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MARTIN SEXTON, Guest DJ on Friday, March 16th

Mar 11, 2012

Tune in Friday between 2 and 3pm as Joe Kendrick plays tunes selected by -- and maybe even performed by -- our guest Martin Sexton.  He's in the area for shows in Asheville & Charlotte. 



Today on This Old Porch

Mar 11, 2012

John and I thank all of our listeners for their overwhelming show of support, keeping 'This Old Porch' alive and well. We're in this together:)

Today, on Sunday's show we'll explore the contributions of Andy Cohen in Western North Carolina, listen to the music of Blind Boy Paxton, the new Carolina Chocolate Drops CD and other new releases from the 'in box' and continue to discover newly added music in the WNCW library from the "Music Shed."

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Feb 29, 2012

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SPINDALE (Feb. 29, 2012) - WNCW 88.7 will begin its spring membership drive this weekend.

The public radio station, a broadcast service of Isothermal Community College, will offer a wide variety of premiums this year to new and existing members who pledge their support when the drive begins Saturday evening, March 3, during “Saturday Night House Party” at 7pm. The drive will conclude on Saturday, March 10, at the end of the popular weekly bluegrass showcase, “Goin’ Across the Mountain.”