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Here is your monthly listing of what new releases are being featured on WNCW. Lists are updated throughout the month as new releases becoming available.

Amanda Anne Platt & the Honeycutters – The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

AmandaAnnePlatt-Deep Blue Devil.jpeg

She and her band are one big reason why Asheville is on the national map for great music, particularly Americana-oriented songwriters who know how to sing the stories of your life. After a monthly release this past year of A-and-B-side singles, their full album is now officially released – a double-album! As Platt explains, “The two groupings of songs represent different sides of the creative process, with The Devil including the more manic, upbeat, outgoing – maybe even grotesque at times – and The Deep Blue Sea being more reclusive, contemplative, understated. As an artist I’ve spent a long time judging myself when I’m at either extreme, so it’s nice to have an opportunity to celebrate the balance they provide one another.”