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Make a Pledge Sunday & Automatically Be Entered In a Giveaway For This Mangum Pottery Clay Bear

Mangum Pottery Clay Bear

Mangum Pottery artists are known world-wide for their amazing work created in western North Carolina in the Blue Ridge Mountain town of Weaverville. We have worked with Mangum Pottery for many years and we're happy to be able to partner with them during our 30th Anniversary celebration!

Rob and Beth Mangum, from Mangum Pottery Studio and Gallery seven miles from Asheville, in Weaverville, NC, come from a family of potters. Their creative process is guided by the clay itself, through years of studying the nature of the materials.

The Mangums strive to find the union between heritage and contemporary design. They feel very fortunate to live and work in a community with so much awareness and support for the arts.

This Black Bear Sculpture pays homage to this beautiful creature that meanders the hills of Western North Carolina, these hand-formed slab built stoneware bear sculptures come in varying sizes, from a mantle adornment to a full sized juvenile that sits on the floor, ...and can be sat on! This is the large version of the piece and it measures 34" x 22" x 10."

To enter without making a donation, please email us at and title it Mangum Black Bear.

The giveaway ends at 6pm Sunday, October 13th.