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Paying Homage To Our Dear Friend Bill Buchynski: Recordings From WNCW Program Director Joe Kendrick

Fred Mills, Joe Kendrick, Bill Buchynski, Amy Jones and Carol Rifkin at WNCW in 2008

As many of our listeners know, we lost one of own last month on October 22, 2018, during our Fall Fundraiser. We lost our DJ Bill Buchynski and he will be missed sorely. His laughter and good humor will resonate in the halls of WNCW for a very long time. It has been difficult to move forward. We are, and in that spirit, our Program Director Joe Kendrick has come forward with some great recordings, from the WNCW Vault, featuring Buchynski.

Here's a message from our PD Joe K:

"I dug out my "What It Is" episodes recorded in early August 2008, and would like to share those on our website as podcasts to pay tribute to Bill," said Joe Kendick. "This was the first time that four people were ever on "What It Is," a show which had previously brought in two guests, with myself as host. We welcomed panelists Amy Jones, Bill Buchynski, and Fred Mills to this session as WNCW was approaching the station’s 20th anniversary. We looked back over the span of years with wide ranging conversations about everything from the “wow” factor of WNCW first coming on the air to the first song ever played - Bill played Tracy Chapman’s “Crossroads” on October 13, 1989.  There are also some personal recollections of our time at WNCW, from the beginning of overnight programming with ARC Overnight to the heady days of WNCW winning national awards and recognition, and much, much more. This is the first time the audio recordings have been made available since airing in 2008, around the time of WNCW’s 20th anniversary the following year."

In the next few weeks, we'll be bringing more recordings, episodes and images to you, paying tribute to Bill Buchynski - DJ, Music Director, Actor, Teacher, Uncle, Friend.

"What It Is" WNCW Audio Recordings Part Two