Studio B Turns Digital

Jun 4, 2018

We’re excited to share that WNCW’s Studio B is now equipped with a Behringer X32 digital mixing console, personal mixers for the musicians, and a new fully digital 16 channel snake to allow for more routing options and future expansion. 

The digital equipment will bring our listeners an improved sound quality for live Studio B sessions (presented by Sierra Nevada) and our Crowd Around the Mic recordings. The console has built in effects that will eliminate the need for a multitude of outboard gear.  Also, the personal mixers will enable musicians to personally tailor the mix to their own preference. 

We also have full Pro Tools HD software for digital multi-track recording, which provides more options when mixing the tracks down for Crowd Around the Mic.  We look forward to providing our listeners with an improved sound quality during our live performances.

WNCW-FM is listener and business supported radio.  We appreciate each one of our members and business supporters who make it possible for us to continue bringing great music to the airwaves with improved services.