Selector Timothy

Music Host

Selector Timothy joined the Dubatomic Particles broadcast in March of 2003.

Father, son, husband, brother, friend, Selector Timothy also works as a selector from time to time with the Deep Roots Soundsystem. Prior to his work on Dubatomic Particles, Timothy hosted a Friday night broadcast at Western Carolina University called The Reggae 120 Show.

"Vibes are what I come to share. I'm a record collector and much more interested in expanding your understanding of reggae music, than offering up the status quo. We'll deal with some crucial roots, but we'll also deal with what's grown from those roots over the past 40 or so years."

Not afraid to venture beyond the traditional sounds of reggae music, Selector Timothy embraces many of King Tubby, Augustus Pablo, Prince Jammy, and Scientist's 21st century descendants. As he often declares in his broadcasts, "I think you'll find - dub is the tie that binds my selections."

Timothy can be contacted at

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