LIVE Sunday, Nov. 18th - Music Host Carol Rifkin Welcomes MARTHA SPENCER on "This Old Porch" at 4pm

Martha Spencer will appear live on “This Old Porch” at 4pm November 18th, in support of her new self titled CD. The delightfully charming and talented daughter of musicians Thornton and Emily Spencer, Martha grew up performing and recording with Southwest Virginia’s Whitetop Mountain Band. Originally formed in the ‘40s by uncle and legendary fiddler Albert Hash, Thornton Spencer’s fiddle playing and Emily Spencer’s sweet vocals and banjo artistry carried the tradition forward for their...

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Studio B Rewind - SUNDAY, November 18th: TOWN MOUNTAIN | FOGHORN STRINGBAND at 7pm With Kim Clark

On Sunday, Studio B Rewind Host Kim Clark brings us amazing music from Town Mountain and The Foghorn Stringband . "Asheville's Town Mountain has a brand new album, “New Freedom Blues,” in which they break out of the traditional bluegrass mold, adding drums and letting the songs dictate the production, said Clark. "We'll hear live performances of some of the tunes from that new album in a session from early last month. Since that new Town Mountain album was produced by Caleb Klauder of the...

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Image of two men smiling and posing for camera at radio station with cds in the background
Martin Anderson

Friday Feature- Bluegrass Boogie - Art of Music Festival

The Smoky Mountain News is presenting "Bluegrass Boogie" - just one of numerous events that will make up this year's Balsam Range - Art of Music Festival in Waynesville, the week after Thanksgiving. Bluegrass Boogie includes live music by Ol' Dirty Bathtub and Darren Nicholson. Reporter Garrett Woodward from the SM News is guest on this Friday Feature to provide all the details. Originally aired Nov. 9, 2018. Posted by Host and Producer of The WNCW Friday Feature- Paul Foster

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New Tunes At Two

New Tunes At Two

Monday, November 19th

Jonathan Byrd & the Pickup Cowboys - Jonathan Byrd & the Pickup Cowboys

Tuesday, November 20th

Becky Warren – Undesirable

Wednesday, November 21st

Charles Bradley – Black Velvet

Thursday, November 22nd Happy Thanksgiving!

We'll be playing songs of gratitude all day and all night long!

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Interviews and local features.

Many European parents, and some American ones, too, have long figured if they let their kids drink alcohol at home, they'd be less likely to go hog wild with their friends. But recent studies of teen drinking behavior don't bear that out.

That's unwelcome news in places like France, where these scientific developments are running head long into a culture that loves its wine.

Pakistan is a country where rumors are always flowing. So when President Asif Ali Zardari was rushed to a hospital in the United Arab Emirates on Dec. 6, it set off all sorts of speculation.

His aides are doing their best to quell talk that he might step down. They say Zardari has been undergoing treatment and tests for a pre-existing heart ailment, and is recovering well in Dubai.

But that hasn't stopped politicians from considering what Pakistan's political landscape might look like without him.

Millions of Americans wake up each morning without a job, even though they desperately want to work. It's one of the depressing legacies of the financial crisis and Great Recession.

NPR and the Kaiser Family Foundation conducted a poll of people who had been unemployed or with an insufficient level of work for more than a year. The results document the financial, emotional and physical effects of long-term unemployment and underemployment.

The country has been trying to recover from the Great Recession for three years. But the U.S. job market remains weak, leaving roughly 5 million workers unemployed for a year or more.

The Kaiser Family Foundation teamed with NPR to conduct a survey, seeking to describe the experiences of those long-term unemployed workers. Here are some highlights of the survey findings.

The long-term unemployed tended to be low-wage workers.

One late January night in 1966, President Johnson went to the Capitol to deliver the annual State of the Union address.

Johnson was at the peak of his power that night, and during the hourlong speech, he talked about his agenda for the year: Vietnam, social programs and expanding the war on poverty. But right in the middle, he offered up an idea that seemed to come out of nowhere when he proposed to change the term for a congressman from two years to four, concurrent with presidential terms.

Baylor's Griffin Wins Heisman

Dec 11, 2011

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UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: And now, the moment we've been waiting for. It is my pleasure to announce that the 2011 winner of the Heisman Trophy is Robert Griffin III, RG3.



In Pa., Drilling Comes Into Focus

Dec 11, 2011

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Judging by the attacks on Newt Gingrich at Saturday's GOP debate in Des Moines, Iowa, the former House speaker is the man to beat in the Republican presidential field.

The past few weeks have seen a remarkable turnaround for Gingrich's campaign. It wasn't long ago when his bid was all but left for dead. This summer, nearly his entire campaign staff resigned on a single day. One of those staffers was Gingrich's longtime communications aide Rick Tyler.

Tyler explains that he left because he lost perspective, but is now open to rejoining Gingrich's campaign.

German Influence Looms Over Eurozone Deal

Dec 11, 2011

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Canada Escapes Recession's Grip

Dec 11, 2011

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